Roller conveyor

Roller conveyors are designed for transporting goods 500kg-4000kg.

Available dimensions:

length: 800-6000mm

Width: 600-1800mm

Chain conveyor

Chain conveyors transport the product on a chain.

HTD timing belt conveyor

Very fast timing belt conveyors are intended for transporting wide products, or if it is necessary to cut into a roller conveyor by changing the direction of movement





Traversa-trolley controlled by the operator

An operator-controlled cross-carriage – traverse.

Mounted on rails.

There can be one, two or even 4 conveyors.





Operator controlled traverse with rotating conveyors

An operator-controlled cross-carriage – traverse.

Mounted on rails.

There can be one or two conveyors with mechanized rotation of 90-180-360 degrees

Min conveyor Hight- 300mm

Belt conveyor

Belt conveyors transport the product on a PVC belt

Available dimensions:

Length: 500-12000mm

Width: 300-2000mm


Modular chain or belt conveyor

Modular belt conveyors with additional features such as friction reduction, accumulation, wear resistance

Roller conveyors for light weight products

Transporting boxes, boards or bags up to 100 kg.



Linear speed 3-60m/min

AGV mobile conveyor

Autonomous-energy from batteries

Automatic – orients itself in the environment

Options – according to your needs

Various solutions have already been implemented: fully autonomous automatic, partially automatic running on rails, partially automatic – operated remotely by operators.

Automatic universal EU pallet dispenser

Designed to issue one pallet at a time according to the signal.

Trays of the following dimensions can be used without modifying the device:




Other dimensions are available.

The maximum height of the stack is 2500mm

Max weight -450 kg

Speed- 3 pal/min



Laitecha UAB produced the first robot tool/gripper in 2007. Over the next 15 years, the number of equipment/projects provided to companies installing robots in Lithuania is more than 60 sets.

If it is not possible to install a standard robot manipulator, we manufacture one that meets the customer’s needs: for example, a portal with 3 or 4 axes, a manipulator integrated on a mobile chassis, etc.


Taip. Mes galim pagamint pagal jūsų porekį. Tik gali praiilgėt gamybos terminas palyginus su standartinių matmenų transporteriais

Taip, teoriškai galima, bet reikia įvertint jūsų valdymos sistemos galimybes.

Labai sunku konkrečiai atsakyt į šį klausimą.Transporterio pagrindiniai mazgai yra pavara ir nešančioji dalis( ritinėliai, grandinė, juosta ar pan). Kuo ilgesnis konvėjeris tuo 1m kainą mažiau įtakoja pavaris mazgas. Pirmas metras yra bangiausias, kuo ilgesnis transporteris tuo 1m kaina mažesnė.

Taip, už papildomą mokestį galim.