All sorts of conveyor systems

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AGV mobile conveyors

The future of transportation of products/preparations in production or warehouses is mobile automatic autonomous carts that self-orientate themselves in the environment. It is flexibility, speed, economy.


Conveyors of all types: roller, belt, chain, belt, modular belts.

Vertical conveyor

Conveyors of all types: roller, belt, vertical product transportation. Lifting weight - 1950 kg Lifting height - 12m Lifting speed - 10m/min Conveyor types are available - roller, chain or platform Elevator for goods.


Mobile platforms and mobile conveyors

Crosscarries, traverses and mobile platforms. Designed to run on rails or driven by an operator. Transported weight - up to 20t

Why choose us


A team of experienced designers creates projects in line with our production capabilities


Our own production capacity allows us to carry out all machining operations under control of production deadlines and quality


20 years of experience in the field of automation


Over 600 implemented projects in Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Estonia, Sweden

About our company

Laitecha UAB was founded in 2002. All the time, we were engaged in the development of new products, we worked purposefully in robotics and automation projects, accumulating experience. We are on the list of leaders in the conveyor production market, we produce about 500-1000 m of various conveyors per year. For the last year, we have been working purposefully in the development and production of AGVs (autonomous automatic vehicle).

If you thought that you need a conveyor for production - you are already on the right track.