Transporteriu systemos

Transporteriu systemos (5)

Įvairios transporterių sistemos. Konvejeriai - rolganginiai, grandininiai, juostiniai ar sraigtiniai.

Belt conveyors for food, wood waste, processing, manufacturing lines.
Production of both plain steel and stainless.
Programs geared motors are used (worm, gear).
Construction management along with automatic transmission (if required by the client).
Available options with variable belt speed (controlled by frequency converters).
Various lengths and widths according to customer requirements.

Roller i conveyors to transport pallets, boards, boxes and other bigger gauge products. Can be used for vide purposes in production lines.
Screw conveyor for transporting bulk. Various diameters up to Ø600 mm.
Conveyors are equipped with electric actuators with or without them.
Ritininis transporteris su mechaniniu pasukimu. Galimas posukis iki 360 laipsniu. Pozicionavimas davikliu arba enkoderio pagalba .Ritineliu pavara elektrine, posukio - elektrine.